Letter To Our OK Veneer Customers

Dear Customer,
Today the producer and consumer alike are integral parts of the moving marketplace. Technological advance and change are occurring at a greater pace than any period in history. At OK Veneer We feel a balance between technology and environment must be attained. The world is a garden in which we all live and work. We must accept the responsibility of preserving and cherishing this world for those who will live and work in it in our future.

We are just starting a new decade in which innovation is the keyword. However our innovations must involve a higher respect for our environment than ever before. We must approach our future with an attitude that embraces the Green Approach. To us, Going Green means doing things in ways that are friendly to our Environment.

The depth of education and experience attained by the architects, landscapers, and builders within our industry surpasses even the greats of old. These modern design leaders demand more and more of product producers. They are moving in a direction, with their clients, which more and more calls for designs sensitive to both artistic and environmental concerns.

It is OK Veneer’s desire to build relationships within this industry. We wish to do our part in creating an environment that surpasses our customer’s highest expectations.

Customer Service is the guidepost for Ok Veneer. In response to customer needs we have merged sales of Arkansas Stone Products with our Products. Individual quality control was kept in order to ensure quality service in every aspect. We have recently made new and better agreements with our quarry personnel ensuring the availability of product for our customers. We have new quarries going into production and newer ones slated to open in the near future. In working with our clients we feel these changes are a direct response to their needs.

We have been in this business for over twenty seven years and expect to be around far into the future. We are beginning our journey into the future with a commitment to keep a strong emphasis on quality products, quality service, leadership in the industry, and environmental education. Finally, the concern of most magnitude at OK Veneer is and will continue to be the satisfaction of our customer. We look at each and every customer as if he were the most important in the entire industry. To us, each of you are………..

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