A Little About Buying Quality Products

In the desire to save money, some people are out to buy inexpensive material, all to find that these items can be, and are usually a poor resemblance of what they had envisioned.  In effect, the customer might have to buy another order to finish the job or in extreme cases, these products cannot even be used in the application for which they were purchased.  Sometimes one must buy a completely different product to replace the former one.  This sometimes leaves the consumers in a state of regret, because they had incurred more cost in buying two orders of inexpensive products rather than one order of high quality products.  Though quality products are sometimes a bit more expensive, consumers should still buy quality products with long lasting functionality and durability and complete projects with their own anticipated outcome actually realized.

In the Stone business, the Notion of High Prices Being Synonymous with High Quality is not always correct.  However, buying from the stone producer or stone fabricator can provide high quality at substantial savings over your local stone yard.  A string of phone calls looking for the lowest price stone, usually only finds the cheaper stone and I do mean cheaper stone.

Oklahoma Stone, Inc. and OK Veneer both produce and purchase the highest quality raw stone products in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Our fabrication department still forms each piece by hand and uses no cookie cutter, high-volume production methods, or equipment that turns out an inferior product.  Our prices for the best stone, sometimes, cost a little more, but we send out loads with a higher percentage of useable stone than most all of our competitors.

Our Thin Veneer Stone price is one exception.  We do produce some of the best at the lowest prices.  The reason for this is, we do not owe a mint for equipment, as some companies are invested in.  Also, we do a stringent examination of all the stones we use, both before we process and as we package for shipping.  Our paver products are processed either to be a rustic or more modernistic, elaborate appearing product.  They come in several different grades all dictated by the customer.  Pricing is commensurate with the grade and appearance the customer is seeking.

We encourage all, as well as new and potential, customers to visit our website www.okveneer.com, and spend enough time there to actually look at the stone products, then give us a call to discuss their stone project.  You might be surprised at the savings available by buying the best product and we are sure our website will be of great help in guiding you to quality products that will give you maximum satisfaction.  If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us and ask about the products you are interested in.  We will be happy to send out more pictures by e-mail if you need them, just call or e-mail us a request.

Builders, Contractors, Architects, Material Suppliers, and Home Owners as well as Future Planners are all welcome at Oklahoma Stone, Inc.