Natural Thin Veneer Stone measures ¾” to 1 ¼” in thickness.  Cutting a standard stone into a thin veneer stone allows for easy installation.  Corner pieces are cut to create the look of a full-size stone, and can be installed at a lower installation cost.

Thin Stone Veneer is generally sold in two units, flats and corners.  The flats are used to cover the flat wall surface and are sold by the square foot.  The corners are used to cover the outside corners of the project and are sold by the linear foot.  Since there is a 3″ to 5” or more return on the corners, they provide depth and dimension to the stone not only on the outside corners but on window openings, door openings, and archways as well.

  • Natural Stone Standard Veneer is sold by the ton.
  • Natural Stone Thin Veneer is sold by corners/linear feet and flats/square feet.
  • A 48-foot semi-trailer can carry up to 24 tons of stone.  Natural Stone Standard Veneer measures 3-5” in thickness and yields approximately 37 sq. ft. per ton.  A semi-trailer load is approximately 800 to 900 sq. ft. stacked on pallets and wrapped in wire, with each pallet weighing approximately 3200-4200 lbs.
  • Natural Stone Thin Veneer Measures ¾”-1¼” in thickness. Approximately 3600 sq. ft or linear ft. packaged in oak crates or stacked on a pallet and wrapped in wire.  We stack 250 sq. ft. of flats per crate or pallet and 150 linear ft. of corners per crate or pallet.  Each crate weighs approximately 3000 lbs.  Crates can be double or triple-stacked to save space.

Why Choose Natural Stone?

Natural stone offers many advantages over other manufactured building materials. Because it comes directly from the earth, it has a uniqueness that only our creator can make. Natural Stone provides an authentic color palette that is unmatched by alternative products.  Because natural stone is not a simulated product, it is colorfast and durable. Chipping and sun damage are not concerns for natural stone.  In fact, you can expect that time and exposure will only increase its depth and beauty.

Why Choose Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

Natural stone thin veneer is a lightweight alternative to full-size veneer. A thin veneer is cut from natural stone and its thickness is 3/4″ to 1-1/4″.  Some of the benefits of natural stone thin veneer include:

  • Due to its decreased weight and ease of handling, the natural stone thin veneer can be installed faster than standard veneer, resulting in cost savings for your projects.
  • Oklahoma Stone can ship 3600 square feet per truckload of thin veneer versus only 800 to 900 square feet of standard veneer, resulting in greatly reduced shipping costs.
  • Thin veneer is available in the same colors and textures as a standard veneer.
  • The installation uses an adhesive application which allows the stone to be applied without a stone ledge or foundation.  This application makes thin stone veneer especially useful on remodeling projects, or in areas with special support considerations such as chimneys above the roof line and second-floor fireplaces.
  • As a natural stone product, a thin stone veneer will not have a repeating pattern that is as easily identifiable as it is with fake stone products.

Why Choose Oklahoma Stone to fabricate your Thin Stone Products?

Our shop is willing to produce custom blends according to our client’s wants and needs.  Our Natural stone thin veneer can be easily matched with landscaping stone products.  Oklahoma Stone is willing to work with our customers in matching prior-built projects with our selection of products.

We will try to beat all prices on an Excellent Quality Thin Veneer Stone, and we usually can.

Feel free to contact us for a price sheet.