Dear Reader,

The best Mossy Field Stone in the industry comes from the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and the hills of Oklahoma.  We usually have several crews gathering this stone directly from those mountains.  We take pride in the fact that we are able to ship directly from the mountains to you.

Although there are Field Stones on the market today fetching a significantly lower price, the quality of those products cannot compare to Arkansas or Oklahoma Natural Field Stone. When placed alongside the lower-priced products, our Natural Field Stone will sell first 90% of the time.

We handle many quality products.  Our Flag Stone comes from some of the best quarries in Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. The quality and color of our Flag Stone products are outstanding and they have become best sellers in the areas where they have been introduced.

We at  Oklahoma Stone, do not advocate dropping any products you now carry.  In fact, we are sure your current products are top of the line.  However, our products will complement any inventory line and we suggest that any Stone Retailer should carry a supply of our products for that reason.

Many businessmen and women in the stone industry will buy on price alone and are constantly looking for lower costs.  This is a prudent action and is, by all means, a healthy one as long as quality does not suffer in the process.  We at Oklahoma Stone, strive to offer a superior product at a reasonable price.  Our prices may not be as low as some suppliers, however, we intend to offer our customers a service as well as a quality product.

Our services include:

  • Tracking down elusive products your customers may have seen but no one seems to be able to find.
  • Exploring and finding new products to offer our customers as exclusive products for their areas.
  • Referring sales leads from your area to you as our exclusive distributor in your area.
  • Conferring with your customer at your request to help answer any questions they might have.
  • Drop shipping and blind billing all for your convenience as our customer.

Oklahoma Stone, will not offer or sell any products in an area where we already have an established distributor.  We will not sell at a level below our customers, in other words, we will not sell to one of your customers. Our businesses will always refer any inquiries in your area to you.

Our pricing is intended to be competitive, however, we choose not to compete in this industry.  Oklahoma Stone, intends to be one of the leaders in this industry and be one of the businesses that others seek to emulate.

As aspiring industry leaders, we do not want to just sell you our products, we want to be your supplier.  We want to be the one you can depend on when needed.  As a fellow business, we know you want to sell quality products and we want to be your provider of those products.

We at Oklahoma Stone,  look forward to doing business with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.