There are only a few architectural cuts shown on this page however, we can fashion pretty much anything that is seen in past or modern architectural projects across the country.  Even new and upcoming designs that aren’t being presently used.  So if you have an idea that hasn’t been seen before, tell us about your plan and we will be happy to discuss what engineering and fabrication possibilities might be available.

Limestone is one of the world’s oldest building materials.  Limestone is a raw material that is used globally in a variety of different ways including construction, agriculture, and as industrial materials.  Limestone is very common in architecture, especially in Europe and North America. Many landmarks across the world, including the Great Pyramid and its associated complex in Giza Egypt, were made of limestone.  So many buildings in Kingston, Ontario, Canada were, and continue to be, constructed from it that it is nicknamed the Limestone City.  Limestone, metamorphosed by heat and pressure produces marble, which has been used for many statues, buildings, and stone tabletops.   On the island of Malta, a variety of limestone called Globigerina was, for a long time, the only building material available, and is still very frequently used on all types of buildings and sculptures.  To Read more about The History of Limestone, Click Here.

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